Carpet Samples


  1. Berber
  2. Berber carpets are constructed for durability. Though often confined to dens, playrooms, basements, and other informal areas, they can be used throughout the home.

    Berbers are offered in a variety of patterns and constructions and in a wide selection of colors, ranging from light to dark backgrounds with multi colored flecks.

    They are made from Olefin fiber, nylon fiber, or a combination of these two fibers.

    A few of our available products are:


    Ridgewood III

    Rocky Road

  3. Commercial
  4. Commercial carpets are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas.   Their construction can be in loop, cut piles, cut pile prints, or cut and loop.

    Whether your installation will be utilized in an office building, a church, the hospitality trade or another high traffic area, we have the solution for your commercial job.

    A few of our available products are:




    Skyscraper I & II



  5. Freize
  6. Freize carpet is made of very tightly twisted yarns, which lend themselves to a trackless look while giving you the durability of a long wearing carpet.

    Often made of a very soft yarn, freize gives you the lush feel that we all look for in a carpet.

    A few of our available products are:

    Extreme Comfort

    Island Fantasy


    Luxury Twist


    Value Twist

    Walk Softly

  7. Hospitality
  8. A few of our available products are:



    Criss Cross

    Guest House


  9. Patterned: Cut and Uncut
  10. Patterned Cut and Uncut is offered in both residential and commercial settings, depending on the overall construction and fiber used.

    The cut and uncuts can be in squares, diamonds , swirls or dots.  They can be either solid or multi colored.

    The cut and uncut patterns will hide footprints, as well as stains, and are very versatile.

    A few of our available products are:

    Diamond Deluxe


  11. Plush Velvet
  12. Plush velvets are often used in formal settings. While they are luxurious and soft, these carpets do show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. Although velvets are constructed with the best stain protectants and are durable, they are not normally recommended for your entire house.

    A few of our available products are:

    Silk N Satin

    Venice I & II

  13. Textured
  14. Textured carpets help hide vacuum cleaner marks and footprints. They are a preferred style for busy households and are very durable for long-lasting beauty and wear.

    A few of our available products are:






Although we strive to maintain some of the lowest prices in the industry, prices are subject to change without notice as raw material prices fluctuate. So, please call or email for a quote on the carpets in which you are interested.

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